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Japanese Sacred Knot of Longevity

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Nade-Takara-Nusubi (Sacred Knot of Longevity) (Japanese)

Source: The Picture Book of Symbols Ernest Lehner Wm. Penn Publishing Corp. New York


I chose this symbol of complicated interconnectedness to illustrate that longevity is a combination of multiple interacting CORRECT actions. You will not likely achieve this massive (unprecedented) increase in life span without doing all of the following:

Excellent Diet - meeting all needs and prudent in avoiding over eating, primarily fresh foods with no sugars or prepared items

Mineral and Vitamin Supplements to ensure best (optimal) health status

Exercise as suggested in the EXERCISE&Z's section - After we have limited the chronic rising INFLAMMATORY disaster, the next rate limiting step in our life spans will be the decline in lung capacity that normally occurs with age and lack of exercise. We can prevent this by the PACE exercise in the EXERCISE&Z's section. No other system of exercise has such a benefit on retaining our lung capacity. Without this retention of good breathing capacity, we will slowly lose our ability to respond to stress by the large elevation of organ function that allows us to survive occasional ordinary stresses like colds and flu. This is one of the reasons older individuals are so susceptible to succumbing to these minor ailments. This will deeply disappoint  the researches in Aging that are pursuing molecular explanations to solve aging. Higher level integration is sometimes much more important that the latest "cool" molecular details. Think about the sequencing of the human genome, in the some 10 years since this was accomplished  - not a single drug has been delivered based on this information. WHY? Because diseases are not single gene affairs(except some rare mutant genetic damage diseases), they involve a larger cluster of genes and interactions. Too bad for spending all your scientific career on some single gene or single small part. Integration of  fine details into a well understood larger integration is not a strong point of American science.

Avoidance of harmful behaviors (smoking, disenchantment from life and absence of loved ones)

Repairing damage and Minimizing New Damage - see Type2 Diabete's and Cancer PDF's. Much more To come on the area of REPAIR of DAMAGE in this site!

Understanding Public Heath considerations and Ecology to live in a healthy environment. The probable intense cold winter of 2010-2011 due to the BP oil disaster ending the Gulf Stream/Thermohaline Distribution of heat to the northern hemisphere will probably come as a surprise to most, but not readers of this site. When the people in the Gulf States realize that not only they, but also their children and possible grand children etc. have been SACRIFICED for BP profit, the explosion will be heard round the world. Realizing that we are our brothers and sisters keepers - because if they are left malnourished - they will become incubators of disease to you and your children is critical to your health in a world of > 6 billion people.

Minimizing contact with commonplace industrial organic poisons and many deleterious food additives see Epigenetics PDF and DON'Ts I.

Avoiding INTENTIONALLY poisonous food like Genetically Modified  "frankenfood" - read DON'Ts I

Avoiding Vaccines that have become the worst health threat without any benefit (except to greedy pharma companies) - see DON'Ts II

Understanding that our fat set point by nature ENSURES a chronic rising INFLAMMATORY disaster, avoid this by easy and non-stressful techniques of getting lean described in various of the SUBSCRIBER PDF's  (Longevity, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Epigenetics, etc.). You can also use anti-inflammatory supplements to limit damage while reducing weigh.

Being Politically Aware so that your leaders do not crash the very economic system we need to survive, nor follow that with a disastrous war to "get out" of depression when problem is the LEADERSHIP ITSELF.

As you can  see, getting to a very much Longer Healthy Life is a complex puzzle of working on multiple things at once. Despite that, you do this all the time in solving life's normal problems. When you understand how to protect and extend your life, it will all fall in place rather easily. Most of our failings are due to a failure to know ! Longer Healthy Life will serve that purpose now and into the future. Welcome to a Longer Healthy LIfe.

All of these things require an informed and responsible/reactive public that protects itself on the basis of knowledge, not a group of consuming fools who will be cannon fodder for what ever venial leaders seek. The economically powerful need to be controlled and so do the rapacious evil super bankers (Rothschilds, etc.) to avoid our earth becoming a hopelessly polluted debt ridden slave labor camp for the pleasure of the super rich who will be the only beneficiaries of a  Longer Healthy Life.

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