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         CHAPTER 14 Anti-INTRINSIC Aging

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     Longer Healthy Life     by Tyler Parr, Ph.D.
    Copyright ( ) 2017 by Tyler Parr, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.


Copyright 2017 Tyler Parr, Ph.D.(All Rights Reserved)

Modern humans suffer from two major types of long term heath problems that eventually claim most lives.

The first group consists of the inflammatory-driven diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, type-2-diabetes, dementia, and autoimmunity) that are the current  major killers of humans. These are needless diseases that can be fixed with natural products, a proper diet, and minimal exercise. The knowledge of what supplements and what diet vanquish each particular inflammatory driven disease is well established scientifically. Moreover, these inflammatory diseases are absent or extremely rare in the few human hunter gatherer groups left on our planet. These diseases stem from eating foods that are depleted of nutrients or foods damaged by over cooking and by exposure to usually human created toxins in our environment. We also have the "built in" evolutionary proclivities of humans for sugars, other carbohydrates, fat, and calories as well as a bad habit of burning our foods to make them enormous inflammatory problems. After bad diet and toxin exposures that induce inflammatory disease(s), comes  bad "medical" proscribed drug treatment. Most of the drugs produced by Pharmaceutical companies (hereafter "big pharma") to treat the various inflammatory driven diseases are not intended to cure, but only to mask the symptoms while the disease(s) progresses. Orthodox (big pharma drug based) medical doctors have no pretense to cure inflammatory disease(s). Orthodox medical doctors want to manage (mask) inflammatory diseases on your needles decline toward death. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has proclaimed  that only pharmaceutical drugs can "cure" a disease. As you will see in this book, this has been a mistake from the start of our now deranged pharmaceutical attempt to solve diseases. It does not work, and the a "big pharma" corporations want you to stay sick and need ever more dysfunctional drugs for their profits. It makes no no economic sense to cure a disease when they can richly profit from drug charges, but they don't even have the drugs to cure the disease to begin with.

While inflammation drives all these diseases, each inflammatory disease has somewhat different characteristics and requires a different set of naturally occurring supplements for a reversal to occur.  The cited peer reviewed scientific evidence for this understanding that a small number of relatively inexpensive natural plant compounds and mixtures can reverse the various different inflammatory diseases is documented in this book. I am a Ph.D. in Biology, not Medicine, so I cannot and will not "legally" give "medical advice". I can explain how I would reverse each of these inflammatory diseases in myself (if I had them) - consistent with the cited peer reviewed scientific published papers. Specific natural supplements, unlike big Pharma drugs, are bio-compatible (not toxic or harmful) and have a remarkable effectiveness against inflammatory diseases. One of the reasons pharmaceutical companies don't produce drugs to reverse various inflammatory diseases is that it requires a drug to handle multiple bio-compatible  actions at once. Big Pharma designed drugs don't offer the complex multifaceted benefits that are a hallmark of specific natural bio-compatible supplements that are made by real living plants to accomplish multiple benefits at once. This is a profound difference between propeller head designed compounds that are pathetically unable to reverse inflammatory diseases and very specific bio-compatible natural supplements that are profoundly multifunctional in nature.

These natural compounds and supplements are not only multifunctional, but are often synergistic (benefits of simultaneously taking several supplements greatly exceed those of each individual (single) contribution added together). A wide variety of human cultures have known and used mixes of such bio-compatible synergistic natural products for generations. Our science has now documented the superb benefits of a large number of natural bio-compatible supplements. Even the original "wonder drugs" of antibiotics was just slightly modified bio-compatible natural products, with minor chemical modifications so they can be patented to charge much more for a pharmaceutical "drug". Misuse and over use has made these antibiotics increasingly useless because of the development of bacterial drug resistance.

It is now informed medical opinion that less than 5% of big Pharma drugs are designed to reverse or cure these inflammatory diseases (or any diseases). Why doesn't orthodox medicine employ these real "scientifically validated" natural bio-compatible supplements along with instructions for a good diet and minimal exercise? There is just not  enough money in supplements compared to endless (and useless) expensive, toxic, and damaging big Pharma drugs. Moreover, orthodox medical doctors would be thrown out of their positions for challenging "big pharma" and FDA dogma. Orthodox medicine is trapped into "only pharmaceutical drugs can cure a disease paradigm", but they don't have the effective pharmaceutical drugs to reverse inflammatory disease(s).  The number of ineffective "symptom hiding" toxic drugs rises along with the multiplicity of secondary toxic interaction effects of taking many such NON-bio-compatible drugs. During this ineffective process, these needless inflammatory diseases worsen toward needless premature death.

The second group of problems that limit our life spans are due to what science now recognizes about the "INTRINSIC" aging processes. These are:

• a failure to express "longevity" genes that keep us young and healthy (we shut these off by high calorie sugar/carbohydrate & fat  intake - while calorie restricted animals copiously produce them). We won't have to starve to induce these "longevity" genes as we now have bio-compatible natural products that can induce them,

• loss of a youthful diversity of expressed proteins that gave us a youthful flexibility in handling stress, this process can be reversed by a group of bio-compatible components found in ginger, garlic, broccoli, etc.

• accumulation of old sick inflammatory cells that have outlived their productive period, these old cell can be killed off (by taking a delicious ground cocoa in coconut oil sweetened with stevia) and will be perfectly replaced by normal healthy stem cells that that mature into healthy tissue replacements that do not chronically signal distress by inflammation, (stem cells are doing this replacement process all our lives)

• accumulation of low ATP energy production mitochondria in our cells that signal dysfunction by higher free radical generation (and consequent elevated "INFLAMMATION" and lead to exponentially increasing irreparable damage to the critical mitochondrial DNA, we can perform a natural selection against damaged mitochondria to enhance the  proportion and number of healthy functional high ATP (energy) producing mitochondria with a delicious fruit,

• a profound decline in stem cell production that impairs cell replacement and immune function, both of which are required lifelong to provide optimal health.  This immune protection loss is the principal cause of premature death to those hunter gatherers who have almost no inflammatory diseases. We now have inexpensive bio-compatible ways to greatly extend our healthy stem cell function and maintain optimal immune system function.

The good news is "INTRINSIC" aging processes can be easily reversed with safe natural bio-compatible plant products (well documented in the cited peer reviewed scientific literature).  We have no pharmaceutical drugs that can do this without toxicity.  This is the wonder of specific bio-compatible natural substances that act in multiple beneficial ways that are often synergistic to your health and longevity benefits. Some of these beneficial bio-compatible natural substances may already be known to you: curcumin from the equally beneficial whole turmeric root, ginger, garlic, and various other less well known plant supplements.

The INTRINSIC aging processes are easily reversible as long as you are not hovering at death's door. THIS IS A MAJOR INTELLECTUAL AND PRACTICAL UNDERSTANDING THAT CHANGES THE WHOLE GAME FOR A Longer Healthy Life.

INTRINSIC aging and  inflammatory disease(s) interact to worsen both . This negative synergy will also shorten your healthy life span and overall life span. It is critically important for you correct both for a Longer Healthy Life.

I have already completed almost all of this new book "Longer Healthy Life (The Missing Manual of Health and Longevity)", but I feel that I should release this Chapter 14 "Anti-INTRINSIC Aging" first to allow people the opportunity to start this easy and inexpensive process of REVERSING INTRINSIC AGING. This whole book is a manual of how to regain and preserve your health, and how to extend your life (see chapter summary in the down loadable Introduction below). This is not wishful thinking, as you will see, the science has already been done and published in cited peer reviewed scientific journals that you can immediately verify by just clicking on the cited references.

Starting this reversal of "INTRINSIC" aging is particularly important to give older individuals who are likely to have some INFLAMMATORY disease(s) the advantage of reversing INTRINSIC aging. This negative  interaction between INFLAMMATORY disease(s) and INTRINSIC  aging greatly worsens both.  We can win against both for a much  Longer Healthy Life.

Moreover, the surprising fact is that taking the necessary simple steps to reverse INTRINSIC aging ALSO GREATLY REDUCES EXISTING INFLAMMATORY DISEASES. This takes place by elevating your "longevity gene" expression and removing damaged or senescent cells and mitochondria while also lowering inflammation in general.  Longevity gene expression is now understood to be a broad spectrum gerosuppressor (suppressing almost all aspects of aging including suppressing worsening of almost all non-INTRINSIC (INFLAMMATORY diseases).  THIS IS A WIN-WIN SITUATION. Not only will you begin to look and feel younger, but you will diminish your inflammatory disease process as well. INFLAMMATION can occur in both by these needless INFLAMMATORY diseases and by INTRINSIC aging, but reversing INTRINSIC aging lowers overall whole body inflammation! We can even lower this more by cultivating the right gut bacteria in our intestinal tract - resulting in a whole body diminished  INFLAMMATORY status.

Those who buy Chapter 14 "Anti-INTRINSIC Aging" at $35, will be later be able to download the complete book when complete (expect June 30, 2017 or earlier). Right now I am only selling Chapter 14 "Anti-INTRINSIC Aging", but I will allow free download of the completed book to all who bought this Chapter 14 (gratis, no further charge - as a thanks for your taking this opportunity for your health and longevity). This offer of Chapter 14 "Anti-INTRINSIC Aging" comes with a 1 month money back guarantee by me, so you are risking nothing to gain much.

This new understanding will give you a new revolutionary view of aging. This new understanding of ability to vanquish the reversibility of "INTRINSIC" aging is powering massive efforts to achieve this RIGHT NOW. People outside the "science of aging" are not well informed about this. This new understanding is a major turning point for the human race. Past scientific work demonstrated that mammals can gain 30-50% increase in healthy life spans by limiting calories to 60% of what they would eat if food was freely available. This new understanding will allow us to gain at least (and probably much more than) this level of a Longer Healthy Life without starving. This chapter and the entire book is documented with click-able  peer reviewed scientific references to ensure that you can immediately verify the facts presented.

 After reading this book, you will know and remember a small collection of ideas that will greatly benefit your health and longevity. This is not a textbook that you must memorize but a missing manual that gives you a small set of easily remembered rules to extend your healthy life span

I am also making available a pdf download of  the "Introduction" and "Chapter 3 Cooking Right" chapters of the forthcoming Longer Healthy Life book. I am also giving you a free synopsis PDF of the content of the "for purchase" Chapter 14 Anti-Intrinsic Aging because our intellectual understanding of the REVERSIBILITY of INTRINSIC AGING is one of the MOST IMPORTANT events in the whole intellectual history of humanity. When you couple this with the reversal of inflammatory disease, we are at a new human reality of extended health and life span.

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After the book is completed, the new price of the full book (except for those who bought the Chapter 14) will be raised to $50. 

After the book is completed, the new price of the full book (except for those who bought the Chapter 14) will be raised to $50. 

Further, by purchasing Chapter 14 (Anti-INTRINSIC Aging)  you will be a lifetime member (no yearly dues) of LongerHealthyLife.net and are entitled to all the special reports that are generated for subscribers. I have been spending most of my time for over 2 years on this book, and will return to further augment the web site after the book is completed. These lifelong benefits of membership to  LongerHealthyLife.net will also include emails that explain how you can use new health/longevity discoveries that I will report first to subscribers of LongerHealthyLife.net. Unlike other most commercial endeavors, I will not be trying to sell you anything but the verifiable knowledge in this book and a promise to provide practical ways to use new scientific discoveries that further this anti-aging endeavor.

Take a look at the topics already covered in my free web site LongerHealthyLife.net for a broad range of health topics covered for free. All recommendations I make for sources of natural bio-compatible protective compounds are my best opinion. I have no commercial relationship to any suppliers for any supplements I recommend.

My qualifications to provide this information are a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Chicago and numerous scientific peer reviewed publications listed in the "Index page" Menu Side Bar "Site Structure"

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